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Blizzard Entertainment Unveils Overwatch 2's New Samoan Hero: A Journey of Cultural Representation and Development

Blizzard Entertainment has made a significant addition to the diverse cast of Overwatch 2 with the introduction of Mauga, the game's 39th hero, marking a notable increase in the representation of Oceania characters in AAA video games. This move reflects the company's ongoing efforts to diversify the backgrounds of its characters, offering players a broader range of cultural narratives. Jeffrey Rousseau from delves into the intricate process behind the creation of Mauga, revealing the dedication and detailed work that went into bringing this Samoan tank character to life.

The Development of Mauga: A Multi-Year Effort

Kenny Hudson, the lead hero producer for Overwatch, shared insights into the extensive development process that began shortly after Mauga's concept art and narrative potential caught the team's attention in 2018. The journey from initial inspiration to the final introduction of Mauga to the Overwatch universe illustrates Blizzard's commitment to character depth and authenticity. Despite early challenges in aligning Mauga's abilities with his character, the team's persistence led to the creation of a hero that stands out both for his cultural background and his unique gameplay role.

Embracing Cultural Authenticity

Blizzard's approach to Mauga's development was deeply rooted in cultural authenticity. The team collaborated with Si'i Liufau, a renowned master of contemporary Polynesian tattoos and Tataus, to ensure Mauga's tattoos were not only visually impressive but also culturally accurate. This partnership highlights Blizzard's respect for the cultural significance of tattoos in Samoan culture and their commitment to representing Mauga's heritage with integrity.

Overcoming Development Challenges

The development of Mauga faced several hurdles, from reimagining initial abilities to navigating the complexities of accurately rendering traditional Samoan tattoos in the game. The global pandemic further delayed Mauga's introduction, challenging the team to adapt to remote work and maintain progress on the hero's development. However, these obstacles were met with innovative solutions, such as adjusting release schedules to ensure Mauga received the attention and development time needed to meet Blizzard's high standards.

Positive Representation and Community Feedback

Blizzard's dedication to avoiding harmful stereotypes and ensuring positive representation of a person of color like Mauga is evident in the careful consideration given to his character development. The team's efforts were met with enthusiasm from the Overwatch community, particularly in response to Mauga's voice lines and cultural references, underscoring the importance of representation and authenticity in gaming.


The story behind Mauga's development is a testament to Blizzard Entertainment's commitment to cultural representation and the meticulous process of character creation in video games. As Mauga joins the ranks of Overwatch 2's heroes, he not only enriches the game's world with his unique background and abilities but also represents a step forward in the industry's ongoing journey towards inclusivity and diversity.

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