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Blues relentless against Moana Pasifika

Last weekend, Moana Pasifika faced a tough setback, losing significantly to the Brumbies. The challenges continued into this week when they clashed with the Auckland Blues. In the sixth round, the match concluded with a staggering 47 to 8 defeat for Moana Pasifika, marking another difficult moment in their journey.

The match kicked off with the Blues quickly establishing dominance. Mark Tele'a broke through Moana's defences for an early try at the 13-minute mark, setting the tone. Not long after, in the 22nd minute, Perofeta himself crossed the try line. The pressure didn't let up; Caleb Clarke and Bryce Heem contributed tries, relentlessly building the Blues' lead. Moana did manage to respond with a penalty kick from Christian Leali'ifano and a try from Sione Havili-Talituli. Yet, the Blues confidently marched into halftime with a substantial 20-point advantage.

Moana Pasifika now stands at a crossroads, the weight of their recent defeat pressing heavily on their shoulders.

Moana's tale of the tape is two wins and four losses. It's a time for deep reflection, for sifting through the moments that led here and for looking beyond, Post match interview with Head Coach Fa'alogo Tana Umaga, said it was a tough lesson for his boys, they bring their best to every game, theyre disappointed with the result but they cant be disheartened, because in the next 7 days they have to do it all over again. When asked about the path to the Top 8, Fa'alogo said It's about adjustments, fine-tuning their game plan, and coming back stronger.

There's a resolve in their ranks, a collective determination to not let this loss define them but to use it as a stepping stone for success.

Next week, they will face the Chiefs in Waikato. The question is what they will do differently against the Chiefs that they couldn't with the Blues and Brumbies.



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