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Empowering Pacific Island Entrepreneurs: The Success Story of the Pacific Business Hub

Laura wins the MFAT Pacific Enterprise Award

In the dynamic landscape of New Zealand's Pacific business community, Laura Keil Hall is a familiar name and face. Armed with her extensive background in the banking sector and her role in a government ministry dedicated to supporting the Pacific Community of New Zealand, she has emerged as a passionate advocate for Pacific businesses.

Original Samoa Business Network members

In 2011, Laura, along with other visionaries, played a pivotal role in the inception of The Samoa Business Network in New Zealand. This initiative was born with a singular objective: to uplift small Samoan-owned businesses. The network achieves this goal by providing crucial resources such as strategic advice, workshops, and networking events. By offering a collaborative platform for Samoan entrepreneurs to interact with experienced mentors, the network facilitates invaluable training sessions and idea exchanges.

The first Pacific Business Hub at 9 Sharkey St

Eight years later, Laura embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, leaving her secure 9-5 job to establish Pacific Business Hub in 2019. Driven by the mission to enable, empower, and enrich individuals and businesses, the hub offers a nurturing space where aspiring entrepreneurs of Pacific Island heritage can flourish. Designed to foster growth and innovation, the hub provides a vibrant and uplifting environment, empowering businesses not just to start but to truly thrive and reach new heights.

New Pacific Business Hub on Lambie Drive

Numerous startups and small enterprises have entered the Pacific Business Hub and thrived, significantly benefiting from its fostering programs. An example of this success is Bluwave Galumoana Ltd, the digital media company behind BluTV, highlighting the hub's efficacy in nurturing businesses.

Presently, the Pacific Business Hub operates from two locations: Unit 6/20 Lambie Drive in Manukau and the newly opened office at 3049 Great North Road in New Lynn, catering to the central/west part of Auckland. The hub offers comprehensive business support services, including tailored advice, training, coaching, and mentoring, specifically designed for aspiring and established Pacific Island heritage business owners. Serving as a business incubator, it guides individuals in launching new ventures and supports startups.

Additionally, the Pacific Business Hub provides cost-effective office solutions, featuring co-working and shared office spaces that encourage collaboration among businesses, fostering a thriving and interactive work environment.

For business owners or those with entrepreneurial dreams, reaching out to Laura Keil Hall and the Pacific Business Hub could be the transformative step needed to elevate their business endeavors.

Contact Information: Laura Keil Hall, T: +64 9 218 8273 E:



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