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Gaurav Sharma has officially been expelled from the Labour Party.

Gaurav sharma who is a doctor and former member of parliament has officially been expelled from the New Zealand Labour party.

A statement from the Labour party president Claire Szabo said "the council took the decision as it had brought the party into disrepute" which is a breach to the labour parties constitution. He was expelled from the caucus in August meaning he was no longer an MP for labour however he still remained a member of the wider party.

After several investigations into his conduct by a labour party panel, they had recommended that he be expelled. Gauravs expulsion is effective immediatly. This will trigger a by election in the Hamilton West electorate

In a response to this Gaurav turns to facebook and releases a statement where he says " Instead of investigating my claims, the Labour Caucus threw me under the bus and tried to spin a story that I was the one bullying my staff (which I continue to say is not true) to discredit me.

The Labour Party told me to stop talking to the media, advised me to say that I had a mental health breakdown which would give me a passage to return back to their camp. Despite having written to Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff in December 2021 with my concerns, providing screenshots of many MPs who had also been bullied, the Labour Party and the Prime Minister completely side-lined the issue"

Gaurav further mentions that he will be running as a candidate in the by election as he believes that government should not silence the voice of a common man.



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