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Government's Silence Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict Raises Concerns

In times of international crisis, the role of governments in safeguarding their citizens is paramount. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has not only stirred global apprehension but has also highlighted the crucial need for transparent communication from authorities, ensuring the safety and well-being of their people, particularly those residing or travelling abroad.

As the world watches the events in the Middle East unfold, the citizens of Samoa have yet to get official word from the Government of updates on the group of Samoans who travelled to Israel, the Samoan citizens that live and work there. For three days, there has been a stark lack of press releases or online statements from the Samoan Government, thankfully for social media, the public and media outlets were informed on the safety and progress of the travelling delegation, through a facebook live video of one of their group members.

Video from the Samoan Delegates For Israel 2023 Facebook

We urge the Samoan Government especially those that are in communication roles to initiate press conferences on matters that concern the public and to recognise this communication gap's gravity and act swiftly and decisively, their fundamental responsibility – to inform and reassure its people, especially in times of crisis.

Issuing an official press release and updating online Government platforms such Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade with pertinent information regarding the safety measures for Samoan citizens in Israel is not just a necessity but a moral obligation. The reassurance of their well-being would alleviate the citizens' concerns and demonstrate the Government's commitment to its people's safety, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity in these trying times.



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