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Historic Pacific strategy to counter China's 'pressure and coercion' and climate change is unveiled

Washington hosted a summit of Pacific leaders to improve relations amid growing U.S. concerns about China's military and economic influence in the region. The historic two-day US-Pacific Summit, initiated by the US., was to broaden the United States' Pacific presence. President Joe Biden's administration has announced several new programs saying, “the Pacific Islands are a critical voice in shaping the future, and that’s why my administration has made it a priority to strengthen our partnership with your countries.”

As a priority of US foreign policy, the strategy aims to "engage the Pacific Islands more broadly and deeper" in the fight against climate change. US President Biden has announced a total of NZD$1.4 billion (Samoa Tala $2.2 billion) in development assistance and climate change projects.

The US Pacific Tuna Treaty permits US boats to fish in the exclusive economic zones of Pacific countries, which will increase payments by about $1 billion over the next decade.



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