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Laaulialemalietoa alone in his fight to clear his name and the late MP

In a interview with EFKS TV Programme Soalaupule, Cabinet Minister, Laaulialemalietoa Fosi Schmidt expressed serious concerns about the Samoa Police Department's lack of communication and transparency regarding an ongoing investigation into a hit-and-run case. This case has entangled several political figures, including Schmidt himself, who alleges a biased approach in the police's handling.

Laauli's frustrations are rooted in what he views as a significant communication gap from the police regarding his allegations against two members of parliament. The MPs in question, including a former Prime Minister and the representative for Faleata #3, have levelled accusations against him and a deceased former MP, claiming their involvement in a hit-and-run case. Laauli is openly critical of the police's focused investigation on him, while seemingly ignoring accusations from a key eyewitness against the Faleata 3 MP, who, notably, has faced no legal repercussions for defamation against both the Faleata 3 MP and a business person. Laauli questions the apparent disparity in treatment: why the same legal actions, such as being detained for defamation, were not applied to these two MPs.

Laauli disclosed that the police confiscated his vehicles following allegations made by the former Prime Minister and the representative for Faleata #3. These allegations, circulated on social media, suggested that his car was involved in the fatal incident concerning Tuau. While Laauli cooperated with the police, allowing them to take his vehicles without resistance, he raised concerns over the lack of investigation into the Faleata #3 MP. He pointed out the police's selective attention, noting their failure to scrutinise the Faleata #3 MP while concentrating their investigative efforts solely on him.

He raises further concerns about the unequal treatment of those who support him and the government, online, who face prison time when having a public opinion on the opposition party, while contrasting sharply with the freedom enjoyed by those who verbally attack him on social media yet remain unpunished upon their arrival in Samoa.

In parliament, Laauli voiced his apprehensions regarding the Ministry of Police's conduct, the Samoa's Prime Minister Fiame Naomi, does not feel the same way Laauli feels and she stands firm in her trust in the Samoa Police Force. This steadfast belief comes in the face of allegations from a key eyewitness, who has implicated senior figures within the police force. Ironically, this eyewitness finds himself imprisoned for defamation against those he has accused of orchestrating a cover-up.

Laauli seeks the courts to reveal the truth and clear his name and the name of the late MP, Vaʻele Paʻiaʻaua Iona Sekuini.

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