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Moana Pasifika's Promising Performance in Super Rugby Pacific Warm-Up

Moana Pasifika in Queenstown

Moana Pasifika's Journey: From Origins to Pre-Season Clash with Highlanders

Moana Pasifika's inception into the Super Rugby Pacific league marked a significant milestone in rugby history, symbolising not just the expansion of the competition but the celebration of Pacific Island heritage within the sport. As the team embarked on their journey, their origin story became a source of inspiration, reflecting the passion, resilience, and vibrant culture of Pacific Island rugby. With the addition of Auckland-based Moana Pasifika and the Fijian Drua in 2022, the competition welcomed a refreshing infusion of talent and cultural diversity, enriching the rugby landscape.

The Build-Up to 2024

In preparation for the 2024 season, Moana Pasifika faced the Highlanders in a pre-season warm-up match that was more than a test of physical prowess; it was a demonstration of strategic evolution and team cohesion. The match, held on Friday, 2nd February at the Queenstown Events Centre, featured a modified format of four 20-minute quarters, providing both teams ample opportunity to trial new combinations and strategies.

Head Coach Fa’alogo Tana Umaga, alongside his coaching staff, recognized the importance of this encounter as a pivotal moment in Moana Pasifika's preparation. With 20 new players joining the squad, the match offered a crucial platform for integration and assessment. "With a lot of fresh faces in the team this year, we want to give everyone available the chance to have a run," Umaga stated, highlighting the team's focus on inclusivity and the discovery of optimal player configurations.

The leadership of the team was carefully orchestrated, with James Lay leading the first quarter, followed by Sekope Kepu and Julian Savea, and then Sione Havili-Talitui taking over in the latter stages. This approach not only showcased the depth of leadership within the team but also the blend of experience and emerging talent that defines Moana Pasifika's ethos.

Photo of Moana Pasifika vs Highlander Pre Season - Online Photo Credit- Intercept

Challenges and Lessons Learned

The pre-season clash against the Highlanders underscored the challenges that lie ahead for Moana Pasifika. Despite a spirited performance, the team's tendency to start strong and falter as the game progresses remains an area for improvement. This pattern, evident in previous seasons, was once again a focal point, highlighting the need for sustained effort and strategic finesse throughout the entirety of a match.

The coaching staff, recognising the work that lies ahead, is tasked with refining the team's approach to maintain momentum and capitalise on early leads. The insights gained from this and other pre-season matches will be instrumental in shaping the team's strategies and mental resilience as they navigate the competitive landscape of Super Rugby Pacific.

Looking Forward

As Moana Pasifika gears up for their official season opener against the Highlanders on February 24th at Forsyth Barr Stadium, the lessons from the pre-season warm-up are invaluable. The team's origin story, marked by a commitment to showcasing Pacific Island rugby's flair and spirit, continues to be the driving force behind their journey.

The road ahead for Moana Pasifika is filled with opportunities and challenges. Under the guidance of Coach Umaga and his assistant coaches, the team is poised to build on their experiences, embrace their unique heritage, and make a significant impact in the 2024 Super Rugby Pacific season. With their work cut out for them, Moana Pasifika stands ready to write the next chapter in their evolving story, aiming to transform potential into performance on the rugby field..

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