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Our fans and family is the reason why we do what we do - Fa'alogo Tana Umaga

Moana Pasifika's introduction of Fa'alogo Tana Umaga as head coach marks a pivotal shift for the team's 2024 season, aiming to rejuvenate its competitive edge. With the strategic addition of assistant coaches Stephen Jones and Nili Latu, the coaching staff's rich tapestry of international experience sets a promising foundation for the team's resurgence.

Stephen Jones, a veteran of Welsh rugby, is expected to infuse Moana Pasifika with his extensive knowledge of European and international rugby, offering a fresh strategic perspective. Nili Latu's profound connection to Pasifika rugby and his dedication to fostering young talent reflect the team's commitment to cultural heritage and community development.

In a revealing interview with BluTV Sports Talanoa, Umaga expressed the core values driving Moana Pasifika forward. "Our fans and family is the reason why we do what we do," he stated, highlighting the intrinsic link between the team's motivations and its supporters. He further emphasised the importance of performance: "If we play well, we will get the support behind us."

Umaga also addressed the team's relationship with its Pacific community, underscoring a mutual responsibility: "We need our Pacific community support, but we also know that we have to work hard to get and not just expect it."

This sentiment reinforces the idea that the team's success and community support are interdependent, with each enhancing the other.

The combination of Jones and Latu's coaching expertise with Umaga's visionary leadership is poised to drive Moana Pasifika into a new era.

This approach not only focuses on elevating the team's performance but also deeply engages with the Pacific Island community, aiming to build a legacy of pride, unity, and success.

As Moana Pasifika gears up for a transformative season, the team's leadership is clear on its mission: to excel on the field and cultivate a strong, reciprocal bond with the Pacific community, reinforcing the team's position as a beacon of Pasifika strength and spirit.



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