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Samoa Needed This Win

Photo: Bluwave Galumoana
Photo: Bluwave Galumoana

Apia, Samoa - In a match that carried the hopes and pride of a nation, Samoa overcame a 10-point deficit to secure a vital 33-25 victory against Italy in a sweltering Test match on Friday. This win, in front of a passionate home crowd, was more than just a game; it was a redemption story for a team that had faced recent disappointments across various competitions.

A Crucial Victory for Samoa

After a series of losses in the Rugby World Cup, the Sevens circuit, and by the development team, the main squad, Manu Samoa, desperately needed this win. The victory was essential not only for the team’s morale but also to reignite the faith of their loyal fans. New coach Mahonri Schwalger and captain Theo McFarland led the team in a display of resilience and determination, marking a successful debut for both.

Early Struggles and a Strong Response

Samoa drew first blood, with an early try putting them ahead 7-0. However, Italy, showcasing the skill and speed typical of Six Nations rugby, quickly responded and took control. Tries from Italian wingers Monty Ioane and Louis Lynagh, coupled with strategic play, saw Italy leading 18-12 at halftime.

Despite the deficit, Samoa's spirits remained unbroken. The combination of powerful forward play and swift backline movements began to turn the tide. Debut flanker Murphy Taramai and winger Nigel Ah Wong each scored crucial tries, keeping Samoa in contention.

A Nail-Biting Second Half

The second half turned into a gripping contest. Both teams found themselves tied at 25 points each, with the next score poised to determine the match's outcome. Italy, opting for aggressive line-out strategies over penalty kicks, failed to capitalise on several opportunities, allowing Samoa to maintain their defensive stronghold.

Breaking the Tie and Surging Ahead

Samoa seized their moment with a crucial penalty goal from Alai D’Angelo Leuila, breaking the deadlock and putting Samoa ahead 28-25. This was followed by a surge of late tries from backs Danny Toala and Afa Moleli, with Leuila’s precise goal-kicking adding crucial points. Leuila’s exceptional performance saw him land five of his six shots at goal, tallying 13 points.

Delivering on Promises

Coach Mahonri Schwalger had promised a powerful attacking and defensive game plan, and his team delivered. The strategy to leverage Samoa's physicality and speed paid off, as they outmanoeuvred and outlasted the Italian side in both attack and defense.

Schwalger expressed his pride in the team’s performance, stating, "The boys showed incredible heart and determination today. Coming back from a 10-point deficit in these conditions is no small feat. It's a great start to our journey together."

Captain Theo McFarland echoed this sentiment, praising his teammates’ efforts, "We knew we had to dig deep, and every player stepped up. This win is for our fans and everyone who supports Samoan rugby."

Talofa Voucher

Looking Forward

Samoa's victory sets a positive tone for the future. The team will aim to build on this success, preparing for upcoming challenges with renewed confidence. The blend of experienced players and emerging talent positions Samoa to make a significant impact on the international rugby scene.

Match Statistics

  • Final Score: Samoa 33, Italy 25

  • Halftime Score: Italy 18, Samoa 12

  • Tries: Samoa 4, Italy 3

  • Conditions: Sweltering heat in Apia

Key Players

  • Samoa: Theo McFarland (Captain), Alai D’Angelo Leuila (Penalty Goal), Danny Toala (Late Try), Afa Moleli (Late Try), Mahonri Schwalger (Coach)

  • Italy: Monty Ioane (Try), Louis Lynagh (Try)

This victory over Italy is a testament to Samoa's resilience and strategic gameplay, providing a much-needed boost to the team and its supporters. Samoa needed this win, and they delivered it with heart and determination.

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The win should confirm the message and point Of a complete change of the Samoa Rugby union board member and office management and return to the old name SAMOA Rugby Union and get rid of the Lakapi Samoa a business name for the greedy people using the boys to gain for them selves and their families.


Well deserved win for the new coach and for our country people who 3currently feeling very low with political issues in the Minstry Of police and what is going on in the Parliament house meeting with the leader's debate and the opposition leader attitude towards the government and the speaker Of The house.Thank you MANU SAMOA for the win which awaken our peoples morale and boost our country excitement God bless your All Good luck with all the best for next week Game

Replying to

The win has confirmed and cement the public beliefs of Samoa that there should be a complete change of the Rugby board and official in the SAMOA Rugby and should return to the old name SAMOA Rugby Union and get rid of the Lakapi Samoa which is a business name for the greedy and stealing people using the boys sweat for their gain and getting lots of money for their own and their families operating the Rugby union like a family business

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