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Solomon Islands Launches 2023 South Pacific Games with Unforgettable Opening Ceremony

Photo-ABC Pacific

In a dazzling display of culture and athleticism, the 2023 Pacific Games kicked off with a bang during the Opening Ceremony at the Solomon Islands National Stadium on November 19th. The athletes' parade was a spectacle of diversity, featuring impressive cultural performances like Kiribati's vibrant group dance and the powerful Haka from New Zealand and Tahiti. The crowd was enthralled by the dynamic showcase of talent and tradition.

Photo- Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (SASNOC)

The Deputy Prime Minister, Tuala Tevaga Iosefo Ponifasio currently in the Solomon Islands, extended words of encouragement to the courageous athletes representing Samoa. Additionally, Mr. Pauga Talalelei Pauga, the President of the Samoa Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee, is also in attendance to support and motivate the athletes.

Fiji emerged as a force to be reckoned with, bringing the largest contingent to the Games, boasting nearly 600 athletes. The spotlight was firmly on Fiji's delegation, showcasing their strength and determination. Papua New Guinea followed suit, not far behind, with just under 500 athletes, making their presence known in the sporting extravaganza hosted by the Solomon Islands. The stage is set for an intense competition, where athleticism and cultural richness collide in the spirit of the Pacific Games.



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