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There are more questions than answers.

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Setting aside the multitude of online accusations, rumours and gossip that the Police either have or haven't clarified as solid evidence, the death of Tuuau Faasavalu still remains unsolved.

Tuuau Faasavalu's life tragically ended in a hit-and-run incident at the tender age of 18. Unfortunately, no one has taken responsibility for this accident, leaving the Samoa Police with an ongoing investigation, still searching for the driver and the car and any potential witnesses to this devastating event.

Almost three years later, we are left with more questions than answers.

What makes this case particularly challenging is the often limited evidence available, which can include vehicle fragments, witness accounts, and security camera footage, if any.

Police face an uphill task of piecing together these fragments to track down the perpetrator.

The pursuit of justice in hit-and-run cases is essential for holding responsible individuals accountable and providing closure to the victims and their families. It underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies, communities, and the public to share information and support investigations.

According to an article by LA Daily News in May 2018,

stated that most hit-and-run cases in Los Angeles go unsolved, and only 8% of cases are solved.

As this year nears the end, will we find justice for Tuuau? or will his death be another statistic?

If you possess knowledge about the events of that night and have not yet approached the authorities, kindly take the responsible course of action by reporting to the Police. It's crucial to understand that a grieving family is eagerly seeking answers and closure to find the strength to progress in their lives.

Justice for Tuuau



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