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"Who struck the rock?" Moses!

White Sunday is a cherished annual church tradition within our vibrant Samoan community, representing a powerful union of faith, culture, and youth empowerment. During this reverential occasion, our children step into the limelight, assuming pivotal roles in the church service.

From eloquent scripture readings to soul-stirring hymns, profound sermons, poignant biblical skits, and Christian-themed plays, our young ones seize the opportunity to showcase their spiritual devotion and creative talents. This event nurtures their understanding of our faith and instils a deep sense of pride and responsibility as they actively engage with our religious customs.

Children singing in church-image Glasglow

White Sunday, the grand spectacle of our Samoan and Pacific community, is not just an event; it's an epic saga that unfolds over months, laden with thorough planning and a healthy dose of parental panic. It begins with the youthful stars of our show—our children, the pastor, and his diligent wife. As the sun sets, strict rehearsals ensue, each line and song practised with the intensity of a Shakespearean drama to minimise errors.

Meanwhile, our unsung heroes, the parents, embark on their tasks. In the wee hours of Saturday on the eve of White Sunday or sometimes even earlier in the week, they plunge into a whirlwind of fabric hunting, seeking the most exquisite materials for their little performers. The quest for the perfect white outfit becomes a mission of Herculean proportions, a pursuit worthy of its legend.

And then comes the culinary odyssey, as detailed planning commences for the White Sunday Tonai. Pigs and chickens are sacrificed in honour of this particular Tonaʻi, as it's a day when we celebrate our children. The fridge must groan under the weight of ice cream tubs and desserts. Well, only the most majestic cake or Samoan pie will do, setting a standard that dessert lovers can only dream of.

Yet, amidst this whirlwind of activity and parental prowess, the children bear the brunt of the drama. Armed with endless scripts and lines, they face the daunting task of memorisation. The fear of forgetting their lines or, heaven forbid, making a mistake looms like a ghost, a constant reminder delivered by their well-meaning, albeit anxiety-inducing, mothers.

This saga, filled with anticipation, stress, and a healthy dose of humour, encapsulates the essence of White Sunday preparations—a legendary tale of dedication, nerves, and the undeniable spirit of our community. These memories are etched into our hearts, reminding us of the times when we were young.



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