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Bluwave TV, a multimedia organization rooted in New Zealand and Samoa, operates as a part of Bluwave Galumoana Ltd, an independent digital media company based in New Zealand. It serves as a trusted source for news and current affairs in both Samoa and New Zealand, offering a diverse range of podcasts and vodcasts to its audience.

Key Programs

  1. Tautai Aʻe: This Samoan language vodcast covers current affairs, entertainment, and social media happenings. Hosted by Asiata Pio Vaoliko, it is a highly viewed program.

  2. Samoa Update: This segment provides news directly from Samoa and is hosted by journalist Aloi Vaai Nah Folasa.

  3. The Pacific Morning Show: Tailored for the youth and diaspora, this show discusses day-to-day challenges faced by Samoan and Pacific youths living abroad. It is hosted by Hana Vaai Schmidt.

  4. Taeao Manuia: A morning update program from Samoa, hosted by Aloi Vaai Nah Folasa.


Brief History

Bluwave TV emerged in 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic, addressing the need for accessible public information. It serves as the media arm for Bluwave Galumoana Ltd. Bluwave CEO Fuimaono Martin Anae, with a background in Media and qualifications from institutions like Channel 9 in Australia and ABC, initiated the project.

Having established Bluwave in Samoa in 2008, he garnered international experience and qualifications to launch Bluwave TV.

With offices in New Zealand and Samoa, Bluwave TV is under the leadership of Misa Peter Anae in Samoa, offering comprehensive media coverage and content delivery to its diverse audience.

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