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$1 Million District Project Committee Inspects Constituency Developments

Last week, the One Million District Project committee, led by Minister of Women and Community Hon. Mulipola Anarosa Ale Molioo, embarked on a series of site visits to constituencies and villages to monitor the implementation of projects funded under the One Million initiative.

The committee's primary objective was to ensure compliance with established guidelines and to assess the progress of development initiatives.

The visits covered a wide range of projects, including vegetable farms and marine conservation efforts. The initiative empowers constituencies to undertake their own development projects. The goal is to verify that these projects adhere to the intended purpose and that the necessary processes are being followed.

The One Million District Project is a groundbreaking initiative that has facilitated the implementation of numerous development projects across the country. The committee's recent site visits serve as a crucial element in ensuring the success and sustainability of these initiatives.

The second phase of the One Million District Project is currently underway, while a third phase is anticipated in the upcoming financial year commencing in June 2024.

This iterative approach demonstrates the government's commitment to ongoing development and improvement. The One Million District Project committee's site visits underscore the government's unwavering dedication to empowering local communities and fostering economic growth.

By providing funding and guidance, the initiative enables constituencies to take ownership of their development journeys and create a brighter future for people.



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