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34-Year-Old Man Missing: Belongings and Vehicle Discovered in Vaitogi, American Samoa

A week on, a mother and her family remain in suspense, eagerly awaiting information about the whereabouts of their missing son, 34 year old Suatipatipa Iosefa Su’a. As reported by "KHJ News" in American Samoa, he was last seen on Wednesday night 13th of December. The search for answers continues.

According to Samoa News, On December 13, 2023, Vaitogi security reported a family car driven by Suatipatipa, which had been parked in the area since 2 pm. Due to adverse weather conditions that night, law enforcement couldn't conduct an investigation due to safety concerns.

The subsequent morning, December 14, 2023, a family member discovered Suatipatipa's belongings (shoes, vape, and car key) at the cliff's edge. It was at this point that the family formally requested the initiation of the search for the missing young man.

Captain Ina Ulberg, the head of the Sea Search and Rescue Team, updated the family about the discoveries made by the divers at around 5 pm. During the first dive, the divers found brown shorts with an attached belt and reported their findings to the family.

To confirm the identity of the shorts, Suatipatipa’s mother was asked to verify if they belonged to her son. Sadly, she confirmed that they did, suggesting he was in the ocean.

Talanei (American Samoa Media) reported that The search for Suatipatipa Iosefa Su’a hasn’t been discontinued, according to Save Liuato Tuitele, the Director of the Department of Search and Rescue.

He said the Marine Patrol Vessel is not continuously in the area but is conducting spot checks in the Vaitogi region to look for any signs of the missing 34-year-old.



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