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Dave "brown buttabean" Leteles food bank in Manukau robbed by thieves over the weekend.

Over the weekend, former professional boxer Dave Leteles food shelter based in Manukau was robbed by thieves. Food, necessities and refrigerated items were all stolen. Dave says

“its a kick in the face and is such a sad thing to happen… if only the people who robbed us just came and asked”

Dave Letele says he now needs to find a way to replace the food that has been stolen through funding to feed the families and homeless people who usually rely on his food bank for a meal or groceries.

There was no damage to the property however he spoke directly to the police during the video, criticizing their priorities and lack of quick action.

"I saw five police cars issuing speeding tickets, which, okay of course, but you can't come here and take fingerprints? Or come and see us? We are a pretty important part of the community with what we are doing here"

Buttabean has been in contact with the police and an investigation is currently in the process.

Dave Letele advises that if anyone is trying to sell you frozen mince or chicken to please contact them directly on their Facebook page "Brown buttabean"



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