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England win against Samoa thanks to match officials

In a riveting conclusion to their World Cup campaign, Samoa delivered a standout performance on Saturday, showcasing their best form since the beginning of the RWC 2023 Tournament. Despite a narrow 18-17 loss to England in Lille, Samoa left an indelible mark on the field.

Throughout the match, Samoa asserted their dominance over England, appearing poised to score with every advance. However, their lead at halftime was thwarted by two disallowed tries, leaving Samoa with a narrow margin. An upset victory seemed imminent, but contentious decisions from match officials allowed England to escape unscathed and secure the top spot in their pool.

The deciding factor came in the form of Danny Care, whose equalising opportunity and subsequent try-saving tackle in the game's final moments shifted the tide in England's favor. Despite their relentless efforts and superior performance, Samoa faced bitter disappointment due to the officiating decisions. As they bid adieu to the 2023 Rugby World Cup, lingering questions persist about their overall performance in this year's tournament, sparking conversations about whats next? and where to from here for Manu Samoa.



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