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Former PM Tuilaepa Advocates for Improved Infrastructure and Health Services, Commends Government Efforts

Photo: Parliament of Samoa
Photo: Parliament of Samoa

In tonight's late-night session in Parliament, veteran politician and former Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi shared his wisdom and insights on various pressing issues facing Samoa. In addition to his commendations and endorsements, Tuilaepa also addressed some critical infrastructural and healthcare concerns, including the state of street lighting and the condition of the National Hospital.

Commendation for the Government and Finance Minister

Tuilaepa began his address by expressing strong support for the government's budget preparations for 2024/2025. He praised the meticulous planning and strategic allocation of resources aimed at addressing the nation's needs. "I commend the Government of the day and the Minister of Finance for their diligent work on the preparatory budget for 2024/2025," he stated. "Their efforts reflect a commitment to the nation's development and financial stability."

Support for CHOGM Budget and Logistics

In addition to his commendation, Tuilaepa reiterated his support for the budget allocation dedicated to the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). He emphasised the potential benefits of the event, such as boosting international relations and local tourism. "This is a worthwhile investment in our nation's future," Tuilaepa noted, "providing us with an opportunity to showcase our culture and hospitality to the world."

Endorsement of Cruise Ship Docking

He also endorsed the plan to dock a cruise ship at the Apia Wharf to accommodate the influx of international delegates and visitors. "Having a cruise ship docked will not only provide additional high-quality accommodation options but also enhance our capacity to host such a significant international gathering," he said. This, he argued, would ensure all guests have a comfortable and memorable stay, centralising accommodation and related services for better coordination and security.

Safety Concerns at the Wharf

Tuilaepa raised safety concerns about the containers piled up at the Apia Wharf, suggesting their removal to prevent any accidents that could potentially harm individuals and tarnish Samoa's reputation. "The presence of large, unsecured containers presents a significant risk," he emphasised. "Taking proactive measures to remove them would demonstrate our commitment to hosting a safe and well-organised event."

Critique of Street Lighting and National Hospital Conditions

Tuilaepa did not shy away from highlighting areas needing urgent attention. He took shots at the state of street lighting, noting that many streetlights are not functioning properly.

He also criticised the deplorable condition of the National Hospital, calling for immediate improvements.

Constructive Criticism and Governance

In a broader discussion on governance, Tuilaepa urged the government of the day view opposition statements as constructive criticism rather than expressions of jealousy. He advocated for a more collaborative approach to governance, stating, "The advice is there, up to you if you want to use it or not, but we have done our part in helping the government of the day." Tuilaepa's call for maturity in political discourse highlighted the importance of considering diverse perspectives for robust decision-making processes.



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