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Hong Kong 7s 2024, a hard pill to swallow for Coach Muliagatele Fata and his team.

Team Samoa during half time against Ireland - Hong Kong 7s 2024

It was a rough start for the Samoa 7s rugby team as they entered the Kong 7s competition. Multiple injuries affected their key players, and the absence of playmaker Paul Scanlan and experienced players like Steve Onosai, Taunuu Niulevaea, and others due to injuries and recovery was a significant setback for the team.

Despite the challenges, Samoa went into Hong Kong with high hopes. Still, it suffered another blow as they lost Elisepeta Alofipo and Tuna Tuitama to injuries in the early stages of the competition, making it even more difficult for them.

Samoa played five games in total, but unfortunately, they only managed to secure one win.

Currently, Samoa is ranked 11th and is looking forward to the next leg of the competition in Singapore.

The Samoa 7s team had tough competition, but they fought hard and showed resilience throughout.

Coach Muliagatele Fata will need to make some hard calls and decisions as they may look to go all out at SVNS Madrid for a core status place in next season’s Series, with the right strategy and training, they will return stronger.



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