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Josephine Tauoa: Trailblazing the Path as First Samoan Command Master Chief in the US Navy

Josephine Tauoa has made history as the first Samoan to be promoted to the rank of Command Master Chief in the US Navy, as reported by Asi Andrew Fa’asau from Samoa News. Her visit to American Samoa is part of a broader effort to engage with the community and support recruitment initiatives under the Navy Talent and Acquisition Group Pacific's banner until February 8th.

During her stay, Tauoa, recognized for her pioneering role and currently serving on the USS Chung-Hoon, shared her insights on leadership and teamwork at an Athletes Dinner organized by the American Samoa National Olympics Committee. Emphasizing accountability, a sense of belonging, and commitment, she drew parallels between military service, sports, and life's pursuits.

Tauoa's naval career, spanning 27 years, began immediately after graduating from Faga’itua High School in 1996. Her journey, marked by challenges in a male-dominated field, underscores her resilience and dedication. Serving in various capacities, including her current role with the Pacific Fleet Commander in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, she aims to inspire future generations, particularly Samoan women, to explore opportunities in the Navy.

Her story is a testament to breaking barriers and the importance of representation, offering encouragement and a pathway for others from American Samoa to follow in her footsteps.



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