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Marist St Joseph International 7's Tournament Back on the Scene.

President of Marist St. Joseph Sports Club, Lemalu John Lemisio and Tournament Director, Toluma'anave Mathew Iākopo.

The Marist SJ Samoa Sports Club Inc. has just announced the launch of the 36th Marist St Joseph International 7's Tournament today.

After a hiatus, the tournament is set to make a grand return, featuring 16 men's teams and six women's teams for an unforgettable sporting event.

According to the newly appointed Director, Toluma'anave Mathew Iakopo, the tournament's design has been carefully crafted based on valuable stakeholder feedback from previous years.

The theme, "THE GREEN JOURNEY CONTINUES," pays homage to the pioneering spirits who laid the groundwork for this prestigious tournament 36 years ago.

For the first time ever, the tournament will be held away from its traditional home at Lotopa.

The two-day event will take place at Apia Park Stadium on June 21st and 22nd, promising an electric atmosphere and thrilling matches.

To ensure a high level of competition, the top eight teams from last year's tournament will automatically qualify as top seeds within the pools.

The prize money for the men's competition stands at a substantial $15,000, while the women's competition will offer a prize of $3000.

Teams interested in participating can register for the men's competition at a fee of $1500 and $500 for the women's competition.

The Marist SJ Samoa Sports Club Inc invites all rugby enthusiasts and supporters to join in on the excitement and experience the passion and skill of these talented athletes.



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