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Onehunga Waste Facility Fire Causes Major Disruption in Auckland

Fire crews battle the massive blaze. Photo / Dean Purcell
Fire crews battle the massive blaze. Photo / Dean Purcell

February 7, 2024 - a significant fire broke out at the Green Gorilla Waste Facility in Onehunga, Auckland, leading to an extensive emergency response. The fire, starting in the early afternoon, ignited a large wood chip pile, threatening nearby structures and necessitating the deployment of 20 fire and emergency crews.

Visual Impact and Safety Measures

The blaze, characterised by high flames and dense smoke, was visible from over 20 kilometer's away, drawing widespread attention on social media and local news. Traffic was heavily impacted, with road closures and diversions implemented around Neilson St and Victoria St. Despite the scale of the fire, there were no immediate reports of injuries, thanks to the prompt response from emergency services and St John Ambulance units on standby.

Community and Environmental Concerns

The incident highlighted concerns around environmental health and the need for stringent safety measures at waste management facilities. Authorities are focused on containing the fire, with future efforts geared towards investigating the cause and preventing similar occurrences.

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