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Radio Samoa Marks a Milestone: Celebrating 25 Years of Connecting and Empowering the Global Samoan Community

Radio Samoa Building

Radio Samoa celebrates its 25th anniversary, solidifying its role as a pivotal media outlet for the Samoan community worldwide. Founded with a mission to educate and empower through quality programming, the station has evolved into a global central hub for news, information, and cultural connectivity for Samoans.

Core Mission and Vision

With a mission focused on disseminating informative and educative content, Radio Samoa aims to elevate the welfare and living standards of the Samoan people. Its vision as the leading media connection hub underscores its commitment to uniting the global Samoan community through accessible and engaging multimedia channels.

Values and Principles

Radio Samoa's operations are grounded in values of excellence, innovation, cultural understanding, and integrity. The station prioritizes its audience, delivering professional service and creating solutions that resonate with the community's needs. Its expertise in audience engagement is complemented by a deep cultural awareness, ensuring the preservation and promotion of Samoan traditions and language.

The Path Forward

As Radio Samoa looks to the future, it remains dedicated to its foundational principles of quality broadcasting and community service. The station's continued emphasis on cultural integrity, combined with its innovative approach to media, positions it for further success in connecting and empowering the Samoan community worldwide.

Celebrating a quarter century of service, Radio Samoa continues to be a beacon for the Samoan people, championing their voices and stories on the global stage.

A Special message from one of our Podcast Host and former Radio Samoa Announcer, Asiata Pio Vaoliko, on behalf of BluTV and Bluwave Galumoana



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