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Samoa Council Member voted to pass new Competition that excludes Manu Samoa

Which representative from Samoa's council cast the deciding vote in favour of the new rugby tournament, effectively excluding Samoa from the competition?

The recent report from The Telegraphic Newspaper in the UK, dated October 25th, sheds light on this development in their article titled "Rugby Revolution Given Green Light with Expanded World Cup and Global League."

The article states, "The irony here is that Samoa's council representative is understood to be one of the votes to pass the new Competition at this week's meeting. Oceania Rugby, representing all the Pacific Island countries along with New Zealand and Australia, also voted for the proposal."

This decision raises a pressing question: why would the Samoan council member support a competition that sidelines Samoa, preventing them from reaching the level they rightfully deserve?

As of now, the Samoa Rugby Union has remained silent, yet to release an official statement regarding this significant development in international rugby.



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