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Severe Weather Causes Further Landslips.

Once again the severe weather conditions are playing havoc with Upolu's perimeter roads.

The road between Luatuānuu and Solosolo was blocked today by yet another landslip. This follows a major slip last Sunday on the Le Mafa Pass which closed this major road for many hours.

This afternoon (Sunday) the Land Transport Aurhority issued a notice that contractors are on their way to clear the coastal road and expressed caution to all drivers to take care while clearance works are underway.

Meanwhile the Samoa Met Division has issued a Heavy Rain and Flood Warning in response to the current severe weather conditions which are expected to impact Samoa through to tomorrow.

The low pressure trough has caused occasional rain, heavy storms and thunderstorms in various locations. This system will result in "poor visibility, foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes and ranges, pooling near roadsides, waterways as well possible landslides" the Met Division has advised. Flooding in vulnerable areas and rivers and gusty winds during rain and thunderstorm activities can be expected.

Drivers are warned to take extra caution at these times, to drive carefully, to be aware of contractors on the roads and of the possibility of further landslips causing debris on the roads.

Be careful Samoa!



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