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The Economics of Tautua Aitaumalele: Sustaining Samoa's Socio-Economic Fabric

Samon Supporters in New Zealand - RICKY WILSON / STUFF

I recently attended a family gathering where a relative questioned the importance of continuing to send financial support to Samoa. I explained that whether or not to participate in such support is a personal choice, but for me, it's about maintaining our connections to our family, land, and village. Despite the changing times, our bond remains strong, rooted in the tradition of Tautua that is instilled in us from a young age. Our ancestors migrated to support and establish a foundation for future generations. Recognising our roles within the family and our identity, or fa'asinomaga, is essential. However, I understand that only some are raised with the same values, which is why such discussions arise.

Understanding Tautua Aitaumalele

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In Samoa's vibrant and diverse society, where tradition and modernity blend together, Tautua Aitaumalele stands out as a crucial cultural and economic resilience aspect. This service involves Samoans who live abroad and provide financial and emotional support to their families back home, highlighting the Samoan values of communal responsibility, love, and support. While Tautua Aitaumalele significantly contributes to Samoa's economic and social strength, other forms of tautua also play significant roles, demonstrating the multifaceted nature of services in Samoan culture.

Tautua Aitaumalele: A Pillar of Support Across Seas

Tautua Aitaumalele, or serving from afar, is a testament to the enduring bonds of kinship and duty spanning the vast Pacific Ocean. It is the financial remittances and packages of goods sent by the diaspora that not only sustain individual families but also contribute significantly to the national economy of Samoa. This practice embodies the core values of fa'a Samoa—the Samoan way—including alofa (love), responsibility, and the deep-seated tradition of caring and hospitality, performed not through hierarchical obligations but through actions of heartfelt consideration and integrity.

The Economic Lifeline

The impact of Tautua Aitaumalele on Samoa's economy cannot be overstated. According to the Samoa Government and the Central Bank's findings in August 2023, the remittances from Samoans abroad have played a crucial role in the country's robust economic recovery following the reopening of its borders. This influx of financial support has driven the projected growth rates, highlighting Tautua Aitaumalele's critical role in the nation's prosperity.

Complementary Forms of Tautua

While Tautua Aitaumalele is pivotal, the Samoan culture recognises additional forms of service, each contributing uniquely to the social cohesion and cultural identity of Samoa:

  • - Tautua Matavela: This service, marked by total commitment, perseverance, and honesty, underlines the dedication to fulfilling one's duties with integrity.

  • - Tautua Lalaga: Representing the collective effort to weave together resources for the community's benefit, it highlights the importance of unity.

  • - Tautua Malosi: Focused on providing strength and resilience, especially in challenging times, it showcases the robust support systems within Samoan society.

  • - Tautua Agatonu: Ensuring actions align with moral and ethical standards reflects the community's commitment to just and righteous service.

The Future of Tautua Aitaumalele

As the global landscape evolves, the commitment to Tautua Aitaumalele remains unwavering, a beacon of hope and solidarity for Samoans worldwide. This service sustains families through economic contributions and plays a crucial role in maintaining cultural connections and fulfilling communal obligations across distances.

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Digital technologies

is making it easier and more efficient to send funds to Samoa. Two notable advancements include PacificEzy Money Transfer and Talofa Voucher. PacificEzy has recently launched a money transfer app, allowing users in New Zealand to transfer money for cash pickup in Samoa seamlessly. On the other hand, Talofa Voucher offers a unique service where users can purchase online vouchers for various stores through their website. The family members in Samoa can then instantly receive these vouchers and redeem them for products or services. These innovations are modernizing the traditional practice of Tautua Aitaumalele, offering convenience and immediate support to families back home.

Tautua Aitaumalele stands as the heartbeat of Samoa, a crucial link between the Samoan diaspora and their homeland, driving economic recovery and cultural identity preservation. Alongside other forms of tautua, it creates a resilient, tightly-knit community that thrives on mutual support, love, and responsibility. As Samoa continues to navigate the challenges of the modern world, the practice of Tautua Aitaumalele will remain a central pillar of its strength and unity. This cherished tradition transcends geographical boundaries and reinforces the enduring spirit of the Samoan people.


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