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By Va'ai 'Aloi Nah Folasa.

29th August 2023: The Samoa Police Prisons and Corrections Services (SPPCS) is making a desperate plea to the public for any information that may lead to the apprehension of a suspect wanted (Semis Ali'imatafitafi) in connection to an ongoing homicide investigation. This incident was reported just last week, and the search for this individual has reached a critical stage.

Samoa Police Services have deemed the suspect a significant threat to the safety of the community due to their alleged involvement in a violent crime. As such, the public is strongly advised to exercise extreme caution and to immediately contact the police or report to the nearest police station if they have any information or sightings of this individual. It is paramount that under no circumstances should anyone attempt to approach the suspect, as they are believed to be armed and dangerous.

SPPCS emphasizes the seriousness of this situation by reminding the public that harboring a known criminal who is wanted by the police is a criminal offence. It is essential for all citizens to stand united against criminal activity, and this includes providing any relevant information that may assist in bringing this individual to justice.

While the specifics of the ongoing homicide investigation have not been disclosed to the general public, it is clear that the Samoa Police Services consider this case a top priority. Every effort is being made to ensure the safety and well-being of the community, and the cooperation of the public is crucial in achieving this goal.

The SPPCS understands the concern and fear that may arise when a dangerous suspect remains at large. However, it is imperative not to let fear paralyze us or hinder our sense of duty to our community. The is urging to remain vigilant and work together with law enforcement agencies to create a secure and safe environment for all residents.

In situations like these, the importance of public participation cannot be overstated. The police rely on information provided by the community to assist in their investigations and apprehension efforts. By promptly reporting any information or sightings, individuals can play a vital role in ensuring justice is served.

The public's assistance is urgently needed in locating dangerous suspect wanted in connection to an ongoing homicide investigation. The SPPCS urges anyone with information or sightings of this individual to immediately contact the police or report to the nearest police station.


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