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Who is Bluwave Samoa?

This morning we got to sit down with the Bluwave Samoa CEO, Misa Peter Anae and ask him a few questions on what, when and who is Bluwave.

What is Bluwave?

Bluwave is a digital media platform tailored to our Pacific People, offering digital services such as Videography, Photography, Graphic Designs and Websites. We also have a medium called Bluwave TV or BluTV airs and publish local news or articles in the Samoan language and a Vodcast that stream from 5 pm to 7 pm NZT, Monday to Friday. Our photography and media works are spread across our social media pages Galumoana, BluStream and Bluwave.

When and where did Bluwave come from?

Bluwave Beach Shack 2008

Bluwave was born in 2008, Matautu Apia. It was initially a tiny surf shop and bar and then gradually turned into a media communications business by 2011.

The move to overseas in 2010 was needed as job opportunities and also resources was lacking in Samoa. The market for production and media work in Samoa was very small.

The journey to NZ is another story that if I explain it we be here until next week.

Bluwave Galumoana Ltd is self-funded, meaning we work hard for our funds that pay our rent, staff and daily operations in both NZ and Samoa. We also hire our own Samoan / Pacific suppliers for monthly services or suppliers to Bluwave. such as our accountants (Agniu Accounting), our marketing (TL Marketing), our lawyers (Timaloa & Kristy Morgan), our insurance (Jason Venu, Coversure) our internet provider (Makanet) our partners (Pacific Business Hub, Laura Keil Hall). Our staff in NZ and Samoa are all of Samoan and Pacific.

We value our Pacific connections and relations, and believe that when we buy Pacific, we are helping our Pacific community grow.

The team at the Pacific Business Hub

Who has Bluwave worked for?

Bluwave has worked alongside big and small organisations, from Governments to NGOs, from different sectors to faith-based organisations.

We worked with the Pacific Business community, including our Samoan community in New Zealand. In regards to grassroots level, we had recently partnered with a Samoan orator named Asiata Pio Vaoliko. We launched a "Aganuu" school called Lupe Fofoa i Vaoese, a school that looks at reviving the Samoan Language abroad. I believe in the phrase that if there is no language, there is no culture, if there is no culture, this is no village. So its important we maintain our language..and that we reflect this in what we do, for example our BluTV platform. About 90% of the content is in the Samoan language.

The 60th Independence logo can you talk about that?

This is an excellent example of what I was talking about earlier in regards to giving our people more opportunity. The person who designed the Samoa 60th Independence logo is a young lady name Daisy who was born and raised here (Samoa). She was educated here, at Leifiifi College and then to NUS. She was passionate in art, graphics design and animation but there weren't any available opportunities. So she worked as a cashier in one of the local shops here to make ends meet for her and her family. She messaged us and showed us her artwork and drawing and we thought ok, lets give her a shot. So she traveled to New Zealand and joined Bluwave in 2018. Bluwave funded her school to do her Diploma in Graphics Design while working part time for us. Fast track to 2022 she has now completed her Diploma and lining up her Bachelor's, and one of our top designers who had done numerous logos and designs for many government and private organisations in NZ, and she's also our top performing photographers. The design of the Samoa 60th independence logo came naturally to her because she lives and breathes Samoa. It is the only home she knew and as such, this artwork was her dedication for her home.

Daisy is just one example of the many other young Samoans and Pasefika people working in Bluwave. They are innovative, capable and dedicated to their work because they are passionate about creativity.

What do you intend for Bluwave Samoa?

Bluwave Samoa and NZ will be sharing capacities, resources and leveraging on each others strengths. Our primary goal to continue to create opportunities for our young people in the areas of Media, Arts, Website Developments and Technology.

We are moving towards a digital world and we must keep up with times. And what better platform to be creative and innovative than this.

So if you're a writer, an artist, if you love film and photography, you're into sound engineering or you love to build websites, but you're working a job that has nothing to do with your passion, Bluwave is in Samoa. Keep a lookout for the opportunities we will be bringing up, and join our Aiga! Check out Bluwave Facebook page and youtube for more information or visit


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