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Its not how you get knocked down, its how you get back up

In a stunning display of resilience and determination, Joseph Parker rose from adversity not once, but twice, to secure a hard-fought victory over Zhilei Zhang, thus solidifying his status in the chase for the heavyweight world championship.

At 32 years old, and with his wife expecting their fifth child—a boy, marking their first son—Parker's triumph in the ring took on an even more poignant meaning. Despite being sent to the canvas in both the third and eighth rounds, Parker showcased an indomitable spirit, embodying the role of the ultimate fighter under the harsh desert sun.

In this closely contested bout, Parker was indeed challenged, finding himself momentarily bested and on the ground twice—a rare sight for the seasoned fighter. Yet, each time, he picked himself up, dusted off, and returned to the fray with even greater resolve.

His victory over Zhang comes merely two months after an electrifying performance against Deontay Wilder, where Parker left audiences in awe with his skillful dominance, barring a couple of fleeting moments of vulnerability. Reflecting on his latest conquest, Parker radiated confidence and joy, stating, "It’s a great win. I feel I am on the up right now."

Acknowledging Zhang's formidable challenge, Parker credited his success to the unwavering support and strategic guidance of his team. "Zhang is a tough man but my team just kept telling me to follow the plan," he shared, underlining the importance of teamwork and strategy in his victory.

With his sights set on celebration and family time, Parker is already looking ahead to future battles, expressing eagerness for a rematch and the continuation of his journey in the heavyweight division. His victory over Zhang not only marks another milestone in his illustrious career but also sends a powerful message about perseverance, strategy, and the undying spirit of a champion.



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