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Manusina Takes on Black Ferns XV in Preparation for WXV2 Debut

New Zealand - The Manu Sina team clashed with the Black Ferns XV today in New Zealand. While the Manu Sina team displayed formidable resilience, they ultimately faced a 12-38 defeat at the hands of the Black Ferns XV. This matchup, however, served as a crucial opportunity for Manusina to learn and analyse as they prepare to make their mark in World Rugby's eagerly awaited new women's 15s rugby competition - WXV - set to kick off this October.

The match provided an early insight into Manu Sina's form, tactics, and teamwork as they gear up for their participation in WXV2, a competition that promises to reshape women's rugby on the global stage. While the final score may not have swung in their favor, the Manusina team's performance highlighted their determination and commitment to honing their skills in preparation for the upcoming challenges WXV2 will undoubtedly present.



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