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The Madrid Grand Final: A Do-or-Die Scenario

Qualifying for the Grand Final

  • Only the top eight teams from the Singapore standings will move on to the Grand Final in Madrid. Samoa's participation in this event is not guaranteed and hinges entirely on their performance in Singapore.

Strategies for Madrid

  • Maximising Points: If they qualify, Samoa needs to approach each match in Madrid as a final, seeking to maximise their points to climb the standings.

  • Leveraging Experience: Utilising their seasoned players' experience in high-pressure games will be key to their success.

Impact of the Olympic Games Paris 2024

With the Olympic Games Paris 2024 drawing near, the HSBC SVNS serves as a critical preparatory ground for teams. For Samoa, performing well not only secures their place in the series but also builds necessary momentum and confidence heading into the Olympics.

Conclusion: Samoa’s Fight for Survival

The upcoming HSBC SVNS events in Singapore and Madrid are more than just competitions; they are crucial battles for survival in the series. Samoa's journey is fraught with challenges, but with strategic planning and robust performances, they have the potential to secure their future in the league. As fans and spectators, the intensity and drama of these final rounds promise to deliver some of the most exciting rugby sevens action of the season.


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